EIT Projects

BeYou is a proud member of EIT Food and the Rising Food Star Association, which are our current and future projects.

Being a part of EIT is integral to BeYou because it helps us to connect with the latest and greatest science and research, allowing us to bring the best service to our customers.

EIT Food 2020

Managing digestion problems

Innovative tools to produce legume-based foods for increased consumer acceptance
The aim of this project is to produce well-tolerated legume-based foods. The developed products are tested in healthy human volunteers, who report their feelings, sensations, and possible symptoms via a mobile app that enables an online measurement of consumer feedback.

Building consumer trust in the food system

For a more transparent and authentic food system
The main goal of this proposal is to create a pioneering Citizen Science initiative that uses science to enhance citizen’s trust. Citizen science occurs when people help to conduct scientific research that contributes to the general understanding and transformation of the system.


Personlised Nutrition for Cancer Patients
Tackling Muscle Mass Loss in Cancer Patients Through Nutrition Solutions and Lifestyle Interventions.

The project MuscleCancer aims to address this challenge by incorporating nutrition and exercise into cancer treatment programs to prevent malnutrition and muscle mass loss in cancer patients. Through the combined partnership of EIT Food and EIT Health, experts in diagnostics, nutrition and physical activity together with healthcare providers are well-positioned to drive innovations that can make an impact in this field.

Summer School on New Product Development

Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning
The training brings together 40 professionals from different backgrounds and countries, who will have an opportunity to gain knowledge of the tools, techniques, and methodologies used in the process of new product development in the food industry.

EIT Food 2019


The marketplace for health professionals
An online marketplace allowing users to select the appropriate wellness coach based on their needs. Users inform the coaches of their daily choices in nutrition, physical activity, weight, mood and sleep behaviour, allowing coaches to successfully establish meal plans, physical training and other relevant advice to promote and support the users.

Health Snap

Personalised snack products
This activity is designed to support healthy eating by developing a new food manufacturing technology and B2C business concept that has on-site customised production of healthy snacks.

How to effectively change food habits?

Innovative techniques and personalised nutrition
The project targets health and fitness professionals that work relentlessly to change the eating habits of their clients. The core aim is to provide an innovative and personalised approach to nutrition, which allows for positive changes in their clients’ behaviour.